Dutch Female Voice 

   Nice to meet you, my name is Jolanda Bayens - Dutch Female Voiceover-artist

Pay attention:

I want to record your texts perfectly. That’s why I ask you to give me as many information as possible about the script

  • Instructions for the script:
  • Make sure that the text is error-free
  • Indicate the tone of voice.
  • Indicate the tempo.
  • Give clear explanation about the pronunciation of non-Dutch words and names.
  • What is the length of the recorded text? (e.g. commercials)
  • In case of dubbing: Ensure that the Dutch text is correct in length to the original text.
  • Do not use abbreviations
  • Do not place any instructions between the script-text.
  • Do not put words or sentences in brackets.
  • Write numbers out completely: e.g. Threethousand- eighthundred and three
  • In case of telephone numbers: Clearly indicate the grouping of the numbers: e.g. 06-45-17-84-77 or 0645-178477
  • What is the deadline?
  • What are the technical specifications? 

If information as described above has not been provided to me and therefore a retake is required, this will entail additional costs.A text change after the recording brings extra costs!If you want a text to be recorded urgently, please contact me by telephone. Then you can be sure that your assignment is ready on time ".