Dutch Female Voice 

   Nice to meet you, my name is Jolanda Bayens - Dutch Female Voiceover-artist

Voiceover coaching


You've probably experienced this: you want to narrate a #voiceover script, and you have a clear idea in your mind of how to do it. Yet, you find it challenging to break free from your own thoughts. Doubts and unfounded beliefs hold you back.

As a voiceovercoach i offer you very helpful coaching. As a very  experienced voice artist, and founder and coach from the Voiceovercollege in the Netherlands, I specialized in helping people step out of their comfort zone.

I do this with respect for every individual, and lot of humor. I not only draw from my years of experience as a voiceover artist and news presenter, but also from my experience as a care provider. With funny and helpful exercises, acting drills, and personal pointers, I can get people to step out of their comfort zone on their own, and safely in a short time. I also use cognitive behavioral therapy and tailor it to each individual. The results are astonishing and lasting!

After attending my coaching, participants find it easier to get out of their own heads. They can play various roles without fear. Plus, they're much more aware of muscle tension, breathing, posture, and gestures. As a result, they can quickly evoke emotions. Characters come to life swiftly and are genuine and credible.

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  • The rate for voiceover coaching is €130,- per hour.
  • Coaching is via Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype