Dutch Female Voice 

   Nice to meet you, my name is Jolanda Bayens - Dutch Female Voiceover-artist

Privacy statement

You want to be able to move freely online

As a company, I am obliged to inform you about the handling of your personal data. What happens to it, for what purpose, and how it is stored and protected. This is stated in this Privacy Statement. You visit my website jolandabayens.nl for information. If you are interested, please register yourself or fill in my contact form and send the completed data via my website. You leave traces and / or personal details online.

This requires conscious information and security

This Privacy Statement should be concise, transparent, understandable and easily accessible. These values are so close to what I want to radiate with my website (simple, rich, open, clear, binding), that the design of this statement was actually pleasant. Your data will be treated carefully, confidentially and with respect

Of course. If you request an introductory meeting via the button to the contact form, I will use your e-mail address or telephone number to contact you. The personal explanation you may mention, does not leave my mailbox. About that you can find more below.

Which personal data is it exactly?

Because you visit the website, fill in a contact form, and / or use the services of ‘Jolanda Bayens’, your personal data will be processed. These data are: first name and last name, address, phone number, e-mail address, IP address (the address from which the website was visited, ie the internet connection used) and information about your activities on the website.

Why are they requested?

To contact you and to perform the service. I logically use your name and contact details to maintain contact and inform you about relevant matters related to my work. I save all information you share by email. Information shared by telephone is not recorded in writing. Your data will also be processed in order to send information or otherwise inform you about my business activities, and to analyse visitor behaviour to improve the website.

What does not happen with your data?

Your data will not be sold to others. They are also not used to compile extensive visitor profiles, nor for decision-making based on automated processing (ie, by computer programs or systems without human intervention).

Are your data shared with third parties?

Yes, only if this is necessary due to a legal obligation or a legitimate interest such as reasonable business practice:

• tax consultant, because of access to invoices with address details

• website timetable, for the storage of data from contact forms

• Google Analytics, for the analysis of visitor data website

• Processor agreements have been concluded with these ‘processors’.

What happens while you surf?

Technical and functional cookies are used to make my website work properly and to guarantee the ease of use. In addition, general visit data is maintained via Google Analytics, including the IP address of your computer.

Cookies – let them work for you

   A cookie is a small and simple text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device when you first visit a website. Via the settings of your internet browser you can opt out of cookies (no longer save), delete all previously stored information and have a notification sent when sending a cookie. Please note that some websites may not work as well if you disable all cookies.

Google Analytics – in a privacy-friendly way

This analyzes visitor and click behavior on the website. This information is stored by Google on servers in the United States and processed in reports on the functioning of the website. On the websites of Google and Google Analytics you will find their privacy policy with more information. This collection of data is done in a privacy-friendly way; I have anonymized the last 3 digits of the IP address, ‘data sharing’ has been disabled, and no combination of other Google services with Google Analytics is used.

Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so, or if such third parties process the information on behalf of Google. I have no influence on this.

Your data is well secured

I take the protection of your data seriously. Your data is not stored online (‘in the cloud’), my computer is protected by suitable and effective technical measures, and the website uses a reliable SSL certificate. An SSL connection can be recognized by the lock and the word ‘safe’ for the url.

How long will your data remain?

No longer than is necessary to achieve the goals for which your data is collected. In concrete terms: the data of the clients are kept for no longer than two years after the last service received. The data of potential clients will not be retained for longer than a year if no contract is concluded. There is one exception: just like any entrepreneur, I am legally obliged to keep my records, including invoices with address details, for seven years.

Is something wrong, do you want to view your data or have it removed? 

Contact me and I will make it for you, no later than within two working days. If you see a reason, you can object to the processing of your personal data and / or submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.